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Our farmers are closely monitored to ensure your crops are grown clean, pure, and to the fullest.

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Fair & Traceable

We know each farmer and their field. We support them with prepayments, training, and materials.

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 With renewable energy and regenerative farming practices, we create practices that promote environmental, soil and water health.

Sustainable harvest buyers


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Crops from India




The quality of the food you sell defines the success of your brand. That is why we offer you an array of premium, nutritious foods that are environment-friendly, healthy.

From flavorful spices to luscious fruits, we provide a wide range of delectable produce for your brand. They are naturally grown, carefully chosen, and ethically sourced. We do all that and more to ensure your brand is the most flavorful.


Origin: Malawi, Nepal 
Form: Fresh, Powder
Source: Conventional
Cultivated by hand, our naturally grown garlic is available in multiple varieties. With strong flavor, garlic is an integral part of many traditional cuisines across the globe. 


Origin: Malawi, Nepal 
Form: Fresh, Powder
Source: Conventional
Grown in rich soil, our carefully chosen ginger is naturally filled with gingerol, an anti-inflammatory agent, with countless other health benefits.

Peanuts (Groundnut)

Origin: Malawi
Form: Fresh
Source: Conventional 
Our ethically sourced peanuts are carefully selected. Peanuts are an excellent addition to your range and a great source of protein, Folate, and Magnesium.

Chili Akabare

Origin: Nepal 
Form: Fresh, Powder
Source: Conventional 
With pungency rates of up to 350,000 SHU, Akabare chilli (literally king of chillies) is one of the spiciest chili in the world.

Assam Lemon 

Origin: India
Form: Fresh, Juice
Source: Conventional 
Carefully grown and watered to their fullest, our Assam Lemons are fondly called the queen of all citrus fruits. Pickle it or use its zest for baking, the choice is yours.

Turmeric (Lakadong Turmeric)

Origin: Nepal, India
Form: Fresh, Powder
Source: Conventional
Our turmeric has a bold yellow color, and finds its place in countless recipes. Mix in turmeric for the added benefits of iron, potassium, and vitamin C.


Origin: Malawi, India
Form: Fresh
Source: Conventional 
Watermelons are the world’s favorite summer fruit. Grown in the most lush soil, our watermelons are a nutritional powerhouse full of Vitamin A, vitamin B6, and potassium.

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Smallholder Farmers


Farmers Like Ethel

Before, Ethel could not afford irrigation technology to farm year-around and she was not able to get her crops out to the market.

Now, by partnering with aQysta, she has a way to support her family year around. She receives hydro and solar power technology to irrigate her farm, daily on-field training, and advance payment on her harvest. By buying through aQysta, you can support 100s of other farmers, just like Ethel.


When you buy through aQysta, you help support our world’s goals towards sustainability. To achieve a better and sustainable future for all, the United Nations set 17 global goals. By buying through aQysta, you can play your part in reaching these 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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