Customer Story From Namadidi, Malawi
This year, the pandemic shook the world in ways that we could have never imagined. Yet, there were a few things at the ground for us that held our happiness, reminding us, our reason of being – Supporting farmers irrigate better, in a sustainable manner!

Humphrey Limwawo and Amos Vito – Two motivated farmers from Namadidi, Zomba, Malawi came to know about the Barsha Pump from a friend who attended a trade fair in one of the villages in Zomba, where the pump was on display. Learning about the availability of water-powered pumps in the Malawian market, curious – the farmer duo visited our office traveling all the way from Zomba to Blantyre, where aQysta Malawi used to be based. (Currently, we are based in Zomba.)

Limwawo and Vito started using the pump in April 2020 installed in Likangala river and in the months’ time, their farm is filled with greens the way they have expected it to be as seen in the pictures. Before the Barsha pump, Limwawo and Vito used to irrigate their crops through the treadle pump, which they used to hire every season, which cost them k15,000 per season, and not to mention, the tiresome manual leg work.

When asked to share about his experience using the pump, Vito said, “There is no operation cost once it is fully purchased and is not labor-intensive when tapping water as compared to the treadle pump”.

“Barsha pump is tolerant to theft and vandalism too as its material is built-in plus no part of the pump can be sold as spare materials thereby decreasing chances of theft unlike other pumps”. He added.

“When using the treadle pump, we could only irrigate less than one acre of land which did not match our expected production as we have more land to cultivate. This year we have been able to grow a variety of crops (maize, onions, carrot, cucumber, beans, cassava, cabbage, green peas, tomato, eggplants, leafy vegetables) which are more than what we used to produce.”

“I would encourage other farmers to use this pump because there is more advantage of it than the rest with more surface canal irrigation, proper and sufficient application of water with zero labor input and operation cost (no fuel, electricity and solar).”

We wish the best for Vito and Limwawo for their farm and also thank them for ending our year on a positive note.

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