HyPump – The Future of Irrigation is Here!
After successfully rolling out the Barsha pump in more than 19 countries worldwide and still moving forward, aQysta is here with its second fuel-less water-powered pump – The HyPump, which is set to be demonstrated this July, in Lliria, (half an hour from Valencia), Spain.

Like Barsha Pump, the HyPump is also a hydro-powered irrigation-pump which is based on the principle of the spiral pump but it is specifically designed to provide large volumes of irrigation-water to agricultural land in the vicinity of irrigation-canals. Unlike Barsha Pump, that can be removed, relocated or maintained by the farmer itself, the HyPump is constructed in an irrigation canal as a permanent infrastructure.

Without any fuel or electricity, harnessing the energy of the flowing water, HyPump can serve about 20 hectares of land; is designed to last for 25 years and it is most suitable for large-scale commercial farming.

When asked with the lead hydraulics engineer of aQysta – Mr. Jaime Michavila, about how and where they saw the need of HyPump and how it all started, he shared,

“We detected a demand, in Europe and elsewhere, for more performance. For instance, in Europe, water use is typically structured as being managed by irrigation communities or associations, and therefore need significant pumping power. Furthermore, there are also very extensive canal networks (in Spain alone there are over 100,000 kilometers) but that to date also make limited use of their hydro-power potential”

He further added, “The main problem that the farmers face here is the energy needed for operating water-saving drip irrigation, and the economic and environmental cost that it would mean if they would use electric or Diesel-powered pumps. This is especially significant in Spain, in which due to policy and technical reasons the electric energy costs for farmers have more than doubled in the last decade.”

HyPump is able to yield savings of more than 50% of the total pumping costs. HyPump in Lliria is estimated to pump 6 liters of water per second which is 500m3 per day up to the height of 35 meters or to a distance of 3.5 km, all without any fuel or electricity.

A trailer with all the components for our first demonstration in Lliria has been delivered to Valencia. The spiral pumps, waterwheel, filters, and all other essential components are ready to be fitted. In mid-June, we will be ready to install the pump and waterwheel itself, as well as the control systems. After a few weeks of testing, we expect to start pumping in mid-July.” shared Mr. Fred Henny, technical director of aQysta when asked about the demonstration.

Well, cannot wait to see the very first glance of the fuel-less water pump, constructed as infrastructure – a first of its kind, to actually come into action

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If you are interested in attending the demo and see the HyPump working live, please do contact us. You can drop us an email at [email protected] with the subject line “HyPump Demo”.