Open-Channel (Civil) Hydraulics Engineer – Nepal

Technical, Operations


  • Job Category: Technical, Operations
  • Job Level: Full time
  • No. of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Location: Nepal
  • Offered Salary: Competitive
  • Education LevelBachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, with a specialization in open-channel hydraulics or comparable. Proficiency in Python appreciated (alternatively, experience in another language and willingness to self-educate Python using e-learning)
  • Experience: Proven work experience in open-channel hydraulics. Hands-on experience in civil engineering of hydraulic infrastructures is required. Experience in HEC-RAS is a plus. Experience in experimental research, field testing, and commissioning activities is a plus. 


The Open-Channel (Civil) Hydraulics Engineer is being recruited, in a full-time position, to be a part of aQysta Nepal’s team.

The Civil Hydraulics Engineer will lead the designing of conveyance/headrace design for new turbine and waterwheel placements, and for managing the hydraulic design of such new projects, from the site-surveying phase until implementation, in a hands-on manner.


> Do you believe in the power of renewable technology to create a sustainable impact in the lives of smallholder farmers?
> Do you excel in engineering design and love seeing your design come into real-life implementation?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, then this could be the perfect position for you where you can apply your professional passion for leading in the job role of Civil Hydraulics Engineer.

The Open-Channel (Civil) Hydraulics Engineer will be at the heart of aQysta’s mission of empowering smallholder farmers.

aQysta Nepal is looking for a full-time Civil Hydraulics Engineer to support its global R&D and Product Development activities.

What needs to be considered in the development of the hydropower-propulsion for our technologies are open-channel flow conditions (rivers/irrigation canals), and site-dependent hydraulic conditions. This needs to be done to achieve an efficient hydro powered pumping station design while warranting upstream hydraulic safety.

Additionally, we need to match the propulsion power and pumping requirements with propulsion that can be extracted by sizing waterwheels for individual HyPump installations.

In this context, the Civil Hydraulics Engineer is expected to be active in the standardization of open hydraulics design procedures related to the above topics, and to apply them in practice in the design of site-specific weirs, safety overflows, and channel structures.

Many of aQysta’s R&D projects require hydraulic modeling and experimentation (field tests). the Civil Hydraulics Engineer will be actively involved in these tests (analysis, validation, incorporation of learning) will be an important aspect of the job, and will facilitate improving our hydraulic-related system design and standardization


Open-channel hydraulics engineering support tasks for case-specific projects and the below-listed work:

  • Hydraulic modeling for sizing of weirs in canals
  • Detailing new drop structures based on site-specific conditions
  • Building calculational models on hydro-propulsion (waterwheels/turbines)
  • Designing hydraulic conveyance pipelines for new turbine/waterwheel placements
  • Technical support activities related to open-channel hydraulics component procurement and placement
  • Assisting the Implementation Engineer in performing (hydraulic) site surveying activities
  • Participation in field trials and validation activities
  • Assist the global technical team in hydraulic engineering tasks on pump-to-field infrastructures


aQysta envisions a world where even the smallest farmers can be profitable, in harmony with nature. aQysta designs manufacture and implement renewable energy irrigation technology for smallholder farmers. With its concept of Grown Farm incubator, aQysta partners with smallholder farmers, providing them with necessary farming inputs, knowledge, technology, and market linkages in a risk/benefit-sharing model.

In the Grown Farm Incubator, aQysta collaborates/ works with smallholder farmers as a partner. aQysta provides everything the smallholder farmers need to become more profitable, resilient, and ecologically sustainable. This entails supporting activities from supplying water for irrigation to selling crops in the existing and untapped markets and all things in between. In doing so, farmers choose which services they need from aQysta, and share a percentage of the profit from harvest accordingly.

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 At aQysta, you are welcome to join a diverse international team of driven, ambitious, young professionals who proudly own the company’s purpose – ‘to enable smallholder farmers to sustain themselves and their families with just farming.’

aQysta provides an open-minded and safe working environment that encourages innovative thinking, ownership, and taking on responsibilities. aQysta provides ample room and tools for you to unleash your creativity and skills to excel in the work you do.

As a company, aQysta adopts the global best practices and believes in taking an active role in its employee’s growth, by providing them with challenges, freedom and support required such that they hone their skills, develop confidence and shine as stellar professionals.


Applications are accepted only via email.

To apply, please send your updated resume and cover letter at the email address.
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