QC Engineer- Mumbai, India

Operations, Technical


  • Job Category: Operations, Technical
  • Job Level: Full time
  • No. of Vacancies: 1
  • Job Location: Mumbai, India
  • Offered Salary: Competitive
  • Education Level: Broad technical aptitude, background in Mechanical Engineering


The QC Engineer is being recruited, in a full-time position, to be a part of aQysta India’s team.

The QC Engineer will work closely with aQysta’s Manufacturing Manager based in Mumbai, India to carry out Quality Control tasks in hard-ware manufacturing.

As such, the QC Engineer (India) will be at the heart of aQysta’s mission of empowering small holder farmers.


Do you believe in the need to empower and enable Nepalese small holder farmers to run profitable sustainable farming to bring in the real impact?
Do you excel and enjoy reading, correcting and improving technical drawings of metal casting, machining (CNC or manual) and injection molded components?
Are you experienced in sampling of aforementioned components during manufacturing and performing fine-mechanical quality verification using precision instruments, according to the drawings provided?
If the answers to above questions are yes, then this could be the perfect position for you where you can apply your professional passion to lead in the job role of QC Engineer.


  • Drafting, reading and correcting Technical Drawings
  • Correcting, implementing and validating production tolerances on parts
  • Sampling of cast components
  • Sampling of (CNC) machined components
  • Overlook welding components
  • Performing assembly tasks
  • Performing on-site production inspections during sample production
  • Generating/procuring detailed inspection reports on samples
  • Defining Quality Standards and Inspection Protocols for new components
  • Performing routine inspections during serial production
  • Technical stakeholder management (between vendor, manufacturing dept. and product owner)
  • Identifying new vendors for “stock” components
  • Performing Quality Assessment and bench marking on new “stock” components selected
  • Since many of the Quality Control aspects will relate not only to ongoing productions of already defined parts, but also of new custom components, factory visits and production improvements tracking will be an important part of the job.


  • Broad technical aptitude, background in Mechanical Engineering
  • Experience in technical drawings management in Solidworks
  • Detailed understanding of tolerances of fine-mechanical assemblies.
  • Knowledge of casting, forging and injection moulding techniques.
  • Understanding of (preferably experience with) (CNC) Milling and Lathing operations
  • Knowledge about welding techniques.
  • “Hands-on experience in assembly-related tasks, knowledge and experience of fine-mechanical assemblies, knowledge of precise measurement equipment and techniques, knowledge on shaft alignment, shimming, etc.”
  • “Technical understanding of the product at hand, broad knowledge on various production techniques, soft-skills, management skills”
  • Experience in performing quality inspections
  • “Preferably some certification in Quality Management, Organized and clear documentation


  • Soft-skills, management-skills, ability to negotiate, ability of “on-the-fly” troubleshooting
  • Soft-skills, following of agreed best-value procurement procedures
  • Eye for detail, understanding of broad range of technical products


  • Pro-active problem solving and communication style”
  • Diligence, precise documentation style, perseverance


At aQysta, we offer the opportunity to work with an international team in an open-minded work environment that encourages innovative thinking and practices.

aQysta provides the platform for its employees like you to develop your professional skills by providing a lot of freedom in your work, allowing you space to unleash your creativity and exercise high level of ownership.

The position will be competitively compensated. If this interests you or if you have any additional questions, please contact us.


Applications are accepted only via email.

To apply, please send your updated resume and cover letter at the email address.
[email protected]