Organic Ginger: The Freshest Wholesale Ginger Directly From Small Holder Farmers

Sustainable, organic and eco-friendly – these are not just buzzwords anymore. Consumers across the globe, from all generations, find brands that sell organic products appealing and buy-worthy. 

Don’t take our word for it. According to a survey conducted by IBM among consumers, 57% said that they are willing to change buying habits if it helps reduce negative environmental impact. 

Yet another recent study found that 30% of consumers will spend on things that improve the environment, while 23% preferred products that reduced production waste. Another 22% of the consumers surveyed wished to buy products that help reduce their carbon footprints. 

The consumers around you are changing and it wouldn’t be good for your brand to have a disconnect with them. So as a brand that understands its consumers, give them what they want – sustainable and responsible products, to be specific organic ginger.    

Why our Organic Ginger?

With our organic ginger, you will never have to worry about staying disconnected from customers that love healthy and nutritious food. Here are a few benefits you stand to gain when you choose us: 

High Quality

We don’t leave our farmers alone when it comes to cultivation, we handhold them throughout the entire process of farming offering them inputs to improve soil and crop health. The farmers ensure that the ginger is grown organically without the use of harmful chemicals and to the fullest.  

Fairly Priced

Everyone involved in the process is paid fairly. We make this possible by entering into strategic partnerships that provide a guaranteed market for selected crops at fair prices. We even pay our farmers in advance to ensure their cash flow all year round. 

Fair & Traceable

We work closely with our farmers and know their fields, seeds, the pesticide-free fertilizers they use, and the crops they harvest. Being involved in every step of the process enables us to trace back each crop and any other material used during the process to the source. 


Sustainability is at the core of everything we and the farmers do. Driven by hydro and solar-powered technologies, we help create sustainable agriculture practices that promote soil, crop, and water health.


With access to fields and crops spread across the globe, we can meet your needs for varieties around the year. Our farmers work in tandem with us to deliver quality ginger or any other crops you want. 

Smallholder Farmers

Buy Our Organic Ginger and Support Farmers Like Ethel

When you choose our organic ginger, you are not just picking a few environmentally conscious products but helping a farmer in need, someone like Ethel.

There was a time when Ethel could not farm year around as she couldn’t afford an effective irrigation technology. 

After partnering with aQysta, she has access to irrigation facilities and sustainable farming techniques around the year. She also doesn’t have to worry about finding a market for her produce as she gets paid in advance for all her harvest.  

By choosing aQysta as your partner, you are helping hundreds of farmers like Ethel while promoting eco-friendly farming.

What Makes Buying Ginger from aQysta Different?

In addition to the superior quality ginger, you get the best service when buying from us. 

Fluent Communication

We listen to you carefully and deliver the exact same products you have asked for. More importantly, you can always expect a fast response time from our team with any questions or concerns.

Easy delivery at your doorsteps

All the orders will be delivered to your doorstep on time every time. You do not have to worry about running out of stock when you order from us. 

Custom order sizes

We will customize the orders based on your requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all packing here.

Easy, flexible Contracts

One-time or long-term contract, the choice is yours. We are flexible and will deliver you what you are looking for, even if it changes from day to day.

Why you should buy Ginger Organic

The organic ginger you buy from us will come right from the source.  Let’s see why you should go for organically cultivated ginger:

Chemical free

Our crops are cultivated without the use of any synthetic fertilizers or harmful pesticides. When cultivated organically, the ginger will be free of harmful chemicals and persistent pesticides. Remember, by buying organic, you are promoting yourself as a sustainable brand. 


Genetically modified elements are not part of our organic farming practices. This way you can be sure that the organic ginger you buy from us is GMO-free and that your brand promotes healthy eating. 


According to a study, organically cultivated foods contain 20% higher antioxidant content. As our crops are cultivated without the use of artificial pesticides, they can absorb healthy minerals and nutrients from the soil leading to more nutrient-rich food. 

Soil health 

Healthy soil is at the heart of our organic farming practices. The farmers only use natural fertilizers such as compost, green and manures to fertilize the soil. The farming techniques are all about reducing soil erosion and increasing soil fertility. 

The use of renewable energy and healthy farming practices helps your brand reduce your carbon footprint and bring sustainable food to the market. 

Get Free Organic Ginger Samples

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