Organic Turmeric: Where to Buy Fair, Sustainable Organic Turmeric

There’s a growing consciousness about eating healthy. For many consumers, this translates to a preference for organic food. This includes grains, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and essential herbs and spices like turmeric. 

By 2028, global organic food sales are expected to be worth $849.7 billion. There are many factors triggering this choice. The primary reason, of course, is that organic food, grown without the aid of chemicals, is considered safer and healthier. It has 20-40% higher antioxidant levels. 

Then, there’s the impact agriculture has on the environment to be considered. A study found that consumers are sensitive to the impact technological interventions in agriculture are impacting the environment and are willing to change their buying habits to reduce their carbon footprint.

As the demand grows, so does the need for your brand to source sustainable, organic produce. The simplest way to achieve this is by shopping directly from smallholder farmers who are part of incubator programs like those offered by aQysta. 

Why you should buy Turmeric Organic

Turmeric is renowned for its therapeutic properties. It helps lower cholesterol, treats skin conditions, fights conditions like depression and Alzheimer’s disease, and can even lower the risk of certain types of cancer. That said, to experience optimal results, organic turmeric is the preferred choice. Here are a few reasons to buy and use organic turmeric for your brand.

Chemical free

To be classified as organic, turmeric must be grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. This means the crop is free from any chemical residue left by such substances and safer to consume. In turn, the brand is perceived as one that cares for its consumer’s well-being.

Healthier food

Many conventional farmers rely on growth hormones, antibiotics, and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to increase crop yield. Consuming such food can increase antibiotic resistance or cause allergic reactions. On the other hand, organic food is GMO-free. By insisting on organic turmeric, you ensure that your products are healthy and not at risk of triggering allergies. 

Higher nutrition value

Research has proven that organic food has higher levels of antioxidants, vitamin C, nitrates and many minerals. Since our turmeric is grown without the use of manmade chemicals, it can absorb more nutrients from the soil which makes it the healthier choice. 

Lower carbon footprint

Organic farming is centered around maintaining soil health by using only natural fertilizers and following sustainable practices such as crop rotation. This associates your brand with being environmentally conscious.

Why choose our Organic Turmeric?

We provide small farmers with the technology and training required to farm sustainably and profitably. When you order organic turmeric from us, you bridge the gap between these farmers and conscious consumers. You can rest assured that the turmeric meets the following criteria:

High-quality standards 

From providing inputs on building a crop portfolio based on crop rotation principles to on-field training for climate-resilient agricultural practices, we guide our farmers through every stage of the farming process. This combined with the use of bio-fertilizers ensures that every order you receive meets high-quality standards.

Profitable for farmers

We work with a transparent revenue-sharing model that minimizes their financial risk. As a result of our strategic partnerships with brands like yours, we can pay farmers fair monthly advances. Thus, buying turmeric from us profits the farmers directly.

Traceable crops

Since we are directly involved with every step of the farming process, we know our farmers, their fields, the type and quality of seeds and fertilizers used, and so on. This makes every harvest traceable and ensures that it is organic in the truest sense. 

Environmentally friendly 

Our farmers are trained to use scientific agricultural techniques to maximize soil health and crop quality while minimizing the environmental impact. Grown with the help of renewable solar and hydro-powered technologies, the turmeric that reaches you is ecologically sustainable.

Consistent deliverability

Our farms are spread across the globe. This allows us to work in tandem with changing climate zones to deliver fresh turmeric throughout the year.

What Makes Buying Turmeric from aQysta Different?

At aQysta, we focus not only on delivering superior quality products but also the best service. To set ourselves apart, we offer:

Reliable customer support

Our team is always available to answer your queries by email or on the phone. You’re assured a quick response no matter how small or big your concern may be. 

Verifiable product

Your order will always be delivered according to your exact specifications. If required, we are happy to send samples to verify the taste and quality. 

Easy doorstep delivery 

With aQysta as your sourcing partner, there is never the hassle of picking up an order or arranging delivery. Your orders are delivered on time, every time, to your doorstep.

Customized order sizes

We see your brand needs as unique and tailor order sizes to match your requirements. You can order as much as you need – no more, no less. 

Flexible contracts

As an aQysta partner, you can place a single one-time order or enter a long-term contract for regular deliveries.

Buy Our Organic Turmeric and Support Farmers

Your decision to partner with aQysta to source organic turmeric is beneficial for your brand, the environment and millions of small farmers. You are directly helping the people that need it the most.

When faced with climate risks and natural disasters that can damage harvests, organic farming is not typically seen as a highly profitable venture. Most farmers are unable to invest in sustainable farming techniques or effective irrigation. 

This changes when they partner with aQysta. With guaranteed market access, advance payments, on-field training and scientific farming inputs, farmers are encouraged to follow organic farming principles and can reap profits for their hard work. 

Making the right choice

Choosing the organic route is beneficial for your brand value, consumer health, farmers, and the environment. It’s time you partner with aQysta.